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Date with the Angels - 1950s Family Sitcom - Christmas Episode

Published 1957

Episode "Santa's Helper" of the oddly-named 1950s sitcom "Date with the Angels". In this episode, the lead character tries to get a job for an elderly friend, which causes trouble when, after getting a job as a Department store Santa, he starts giving away toys for free. Starring Betty White. Sorry for picture quality flaws caused by issues beyond my control. Uploaded by: "The_Emperor_Of_Television"

Run time 26 minutes 15 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, Black and white


Reviewer: yuma - - June 27, 2011
Subject: very good
Betty white was all over early TV. An the 60s an 70s an in 2011. It seems to very good, but it lasted only a year.
Reviewer: wyattphx - - May 28, 2011
Subject: Episode
This episode featured the great Burt Mustin. He's always fun to watch.
Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - - November 25, 2009
Subject: Sappy but pleasant episode of United States TV series
This series was short-lived. Whether it was cancelled for poor ratings or some other reason, I don't know.

Ine some, it is a fairly typical late United States 1950's sitcom, though not among the better of the period.

Betty White plays the lead character, who tries to get a job for a neighbour. Her husband also wants her to do that since the neighbour comes over so often. The neighbour is given a job as a Department store Santa Claus. However, he isn't as mentally capable as he used to be, he starts giving away toys for free, much to the anger of his boss. The ending is predictable, happy and slightly sappy, but not bad.

On the plus side, Betty White is always fun to watch. Though not among the best sitcoms of this time, it is still watchable and far more entertaining than....